International Infoex User Summit at 4SAW
International Infoex User Summit at 4SAW

International Infoex User Summit at 4SAW

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October 7, 2022

Four Corners Snow and Avalanche Workshop 

1:00PM, 2 hours

Facilitated by Steve Conger and Jim Donovan. 

In-person & online participation available

We would like to hear back from current users on ideas of topics the group would like to have discussed.

The format will be in person with some presentations on the origins, development and historical use of Infoex. There will also be a virtual participation option. Breakout sessions are planned to capture current Intl user experience and ideas, FAQ of new or potential users, and ….. We want to hear from international users!

Areas of Focus:

Coordination & communication.  Determine if communication and coordination are of interest.  Should we have a list serve / bulletin board / private forum so questions, use cases, insights, and ideas can be shared? The list serve that is being used to distribute this note is done, we should work out use guidance.

Discussion topic: The ability to selectively share info is unique to the International InfoEx and requires additional steps to include nearest neighbors.  

Representation. The International Infoex user group and the CAA InfoEx Advisory Group.  This is a request to the CAA that the group hopes to pursue.

Support & sharing. This topic is two-fold. Ensuring the International user group is represented will help make sure priority needs are looked after and be more effective than one on one requests.  The use of Intl InfoEx should support the avalanche community (US) it is part of versus fragmenting.  Along this line, everyone should be aware of simple mechanisms to share info with those operations not on InfoEx if desired.  For Int’l InfoEx to be a viable operational tool it needs to support the developing National Avalanche Center (NAC) and  Colorado Avalanche Information Center (CAIC) platforms. For example, making information available without having to enter it twice. A key component to work on are  forms of 3rd party integration which are already a part of InfoEx in Canada and should be an issue for the international platform. 

Register for the User Summit and we will send out the virtual meeting information. 

Why choose us?

SAS is a laboratory of best practice. As the nation's longest running avalanche education provider, we take great pride in developing new ways forward; testing and employing approaches and strategies in our courses and operations, training future generations of snow pros and annually participating in national/international efforts to continuously refine the tools, technologies, tactics and techniques of avalanche education, snow safety and rescue. The School that introduced the US to avalanche training in the 20th century, continues to lead what avy ed looks like in the 21st century.