Student Gear List - Recreational Program

Your Fully Vaccinated and/or Covid-19 Negative Self and Documentation (COVID Policy Here)

Personal Equipment 
  • Clothing for activities and standing in cold/snowy weather
    • Long underwear 
    • Insulating layers (Synthetic or wool Mid Layer, Down jacket) - lots of  layers!
    • Outer layer (wind/waterproof) 
    • Warm gloves/mitts, light gloves
    • warm hat / helmet and sun hat
    • Wool and/or Synthetic Socks
    • Neck gaiter
    • Warm winter boots to arrive in
  • Goggles and sunglasses 
  • Small personal first aid kit (sunscreen/lip-balm, moleskin, band-aids, medication, etc.) 
  • Binding/Pole/Skin Repair Kit 
  • Water Bottle- water for the entire day out
  • Food for the entire day 
  • Pack able to carry all personal equipment, extra layers, food, water, and avalanche equipment
  • Laptop/tablet for morning observations
  • Pencils (we will provide a field book)

Travel Equipment
Skiing Equipment 
  • Touring Boots
  • Skis with touring bindings and skins (please adjust bindings to boots and skins to skis before the course). 
  • Alpine Touring (AT) or free-heel gear (telemark skis) both accepted
  • Poles 
Snowboarding Equipment 
  • Split Board with touring bindings and skins (please adjust bindings to boots and skins to board before the course) Traveling on snowshoes is not permitted. 
  • Boots adequate to tour in
  • Collapsible poles recommended


Avalanche Rescue Kit *see notes below

  • Avalanche probe*
  • Collapsible shovel* 
  • Avalanche transceiver* 

Equipment Notes:

Avalanche transceiver: 3 antennae digital model required. Make sure the software is up to date on the unit and that you have fresh batteries. Make sure you are familiar with its operation prior to the course. Transceivers must be less than 10 yrs old. Transceivers between 5 and 10 years old must be sent in and checked by the manufacturers prior to the course.  Manufacturers will not stand behind their own products if they are more than 10 years old.

Probe: 250 cm or longer. A probe marked clearly in centimeter markings is important.

Shovel: No plastic or lexan shovels. Blade width greater than 25cm recommended.