Mountain Weather Forecasting, October 6-7 2022
Mountain Weather Forecasting, October 6-7 2022
Mountain Weather Forecasting, October 6-7 2022

Mountain Weather Forecasting, October 6-7 2022

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October 6-7 2022 


This course focuses on weather forecasting techniques for mountainous regions. It begins with some general meteorology as a foundation for understanding of how the atmosphere works. Students will learn how to read and interpret all pertinent weather maps and computer models to be able to make their own local weather forecast.  Orographic analysis and how terrain interacts with the weather will be explored in-depth, with a special emphasis on Colorado weather and snowfall forecasting. There will be map reading and forecasting exercises each day to give students as much hands-on experience as possible. 

This course will benefit anyone with a strong interest in the weather and will be most beneficial to personnel involved in making mission-critical weather forecasts in mountainous terrain.

Presentations in the classroom will be supplemented by “live” looks at weather maps via the Internet. A laptop or a tablet (with wireless Internet capability) will be necessary for completing the daily forecasting exercises. An Internet connection will be available to use via Wi-Fi. A mountain weather forecasting workbook and other supplemental materials will be included for each student in this course. 


Students should have a basic understanding of the weather and weather terminology. Some experience navigating the Internet to view various weather maps and products is helpful, but a technical science background is not required.


Jim Woodmencey received a B.S. in Meteorology from Montana State University in 1982.  Jim has formerly worked as a Climbing Ranger in Grand Teton National Park, and as an avalanche forecaster and meteorologist for the Alaska Avalanche Forecast Center in Anchorage. Jim was the avalanche and weather forecaster, as well as a guide, for High Mountain Heli-Skiing in Jackson, WY for 20 years and has been forecasting weather for Jackson Hole & the Teton Mountains since 1991. He is currently the chief meteorologist for and forecasts for climbing expeditions around the world. Jim is the author of two books, Reading Weather and Weather in the Southwest. Jim was also the principal science advisor for the COMET Avalanche Weather Forecasting module on MetEd.

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