Four Corners Snow and Avalanche Workshop 2021
Four Corners Snow and Avalanche Workshop 2021
Four Corners Snow and Avalanche Workshop 2021
Four Corners Snow and Avalanche Workshop 2021
Four Corners Snow and Avalanche Workshop 2021
Four Corners Snow and Avalanche Workshop 2021
Four Corners Snow and Avalanche Workshop 2021
Four Corners Snow and Avalanche Workshop 2021
Four Corners Snow and Avalanche Workshop 2021
Four Corners Snow and Avalanche Workshop 2021
Four Corners Snow and Avalanche Workshop 2021

Four Corners Snow and Avalanche Workshop 2021

Regular price $50.00

6/1/2022: LOOK OUT FOR 2022 which will be released soon. We have this posted for reference of what the '21 4SAW looked like


Kendal Mountain, Silverton, CO 

October 9, 2021

$50 per person

The mighty peaks, lofty summits, backcountry bowls and high basins of the Southern Rocky Mountains, annually replenished by the snows and slides of winter, are the water towers from which all life flows. 4SAW 2021 will encourage participants to share, explore and reflect upon the critical role our local mountains play in shaping the health and future of alpine environments and watersheds in the Southwestern US.

Silverton Avalanche School invites you to the Four Corners Snow and Avalanche Workshop on October 9th, 2021. 4SAW is a continuing education and networking opportunity for avalanche practitioners, mountain professionals and backcountry recreationists in the Southern Rocky Mountains & Southwest United States. Held in partnership with the American Avalanche Association, the event will celebrating snow, avalanches, rescue & winter recreation with a full day of speakers and an exhibit hall full of Sponsors, Vendors, Educators, Outfitters, and Nonprofits. To top it all off all 4SAW attendees are invited to a post workshop social and party.

Dinner, 2 beer tickets, 1 Noso patch, stickers, 1 free raffle entry ticket, and other SWAG included in ticket price!

Camping at Kendal Mountain will be available for $5/night, Friday and Saturday.

As Colorado’s only in-person SAW, ALL PARTICIPANTS @ 4SAW 2021 are REQUIRED TO BE VACCINATED or provide a NEGATIVE COVID-19 TEST (PCR) and follow the event’s Covid Safety Guidelines.

"The Animas Project" live premiere!

We all live in a watershed. The water we drink flows through them. The foods we eat grow in them. Our lives are influenced and sustained by them. A watershed’s health is connected to and shaped by humans. This critical synergy demands collective and individual contributions to them.
Professional athlete, 14er Ski Record holder, mountain guide, SAS instructor, and former Navy SEAL Josh Jespersen floats his crew of rugged adventurers into the depths of uncertainty on the wildly remote Animas River. The team emerges downriver, albeit a little soggy, with water samples gathered along the way. The expedition’s contributions add to reclamation efforts and bring into sharper contrast the need for active participation in one’s home watershed.

“There is a healthy environment that can be preserved and
protected. Move through it, flow through it, walk through those
mountains, experience and learn to appreciate them. Because
you’re not going to fight for something you don’t understand.”

The Animas River spills from the heart of the San Juan Mountains and drains the snowmelt of majestic peaks via a canyon deeper than the Grand Canyon. Packrafting the Animas River Canyon with skis and snowboards in tow, the Journey Lines crew seeks greater understanding through their complete immersion into the third largest wilderness in the contiguous United States.
The Animas Project intends to rally a larger army of diverse advocates in defense of the natural world. The film stresses that anyone, anywhere can be a champion of conservation and a staunch defender of wild places. An expedition into the unknown is but one way to engage in this fight. We all can do something, even if it is as simple as putting water in bottles.
Throughout the post workshop social and party other amazing ski films will be ongoing!





Dr. Jerry Johnson (Montana State University, Snow and Avalanche Lab), “Unpacking the Human Factor”

Dr. McKenzie Skiles (University of Utah, Snow Hydro Lab), "Digging up the dirt: How dust deposition impacts our changing mountain snowpack"

Laura McGladrey (Responder Alliance), "Stress and Avalanche; Incremental and Rapid Loading"

Kenneth Wylie (Thompson Rivers University, author of Buried), "Recognizing the Innocuous Steps to Catastrophe. Breaking down the unthinkable tragedy of La Traviata"

Roz Reynolds (Wyssen), "New Developments on avalanche mitigation installations for Lizard Head Pass, SW Colorado."

Drew Hardesty (Utah Avalanche Center), "On the Nature of Forecasting (and Why We Get it Wrong)"

Mark Miller (meteorologist, National Weather Service), “2021-2022 Winter Weather Outlook”

Travis Laverty (La Plata Search and Rescue), "A season of uncertainty: an exploration of two tragic cases in the San Juans"

Dr. Jeff Deems (Airborne Snow Observations), "Upping our snow mapping game: updates from the expanding Airborne Snow Observatories Colorado program”

with Dr. Rory Cowie (Alpine Water Resources) as Conference Convener and Michael Ackerman (SAS) as MC

Check out our Blog Post for Speaker Bios!

Every 4SAW attendee gets a free ticket to a raffle chock full of amazing SWAG to get you ready for winter including; hats, beanies, shirts, sweatshirts, sunglasses, goggles, guidebooks, jackets, and ski packs!

Throughout the day there will be a chance for everyone to buy answer sheets for trivias segments between speakers. Each trivia segment will have a winner drawn from the pool of tickets who got all answers right. The prizes for these raffles include ski packs, skis, a snowboard, and a guided ski day with San Juan Expeditions!

The final raffle of the evening will be made up of all the trivia answer sheets that got all answers correct in each trivia segment with a chance to win the event's Grand Prize!!

Why choose us?

SAS is a laboratory of best practice. As the nation's longest running avalanche education provider, we take great pride in developing new ways forward; testing and employing approaches and strategies in our courses and operations, training future generations of snow pros and annually participating in national/international efforts to continuously refine the tools, technologies, tactics and techniques of avalanche education, snow safety and rescue. The School that introduced the US to avalanche training in the 20th century, continues to lead what avy ed looks like in the 21st century.