Recreational Level 1: 2 Day Accelerated
Recreational Level 1: 2 Day Accelerated

Recreational Level 1: 2 Day Accelerated

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The Backcountry is always telling us a story. Are you Listening?

Reading and understanding winter’s seasonal narrative, as it’s written across mountain slopes and backcountry bowls, is both a learned skill and a practiced art. Silverton Avalanche School’s REC Level One Avalanche Course introduces students to the ways we ritualize our planning, observations and assessments and highlights the critical importance of Reading the Story of the Winter each and every day. 

In SAS’s Two Day, REC Level One, students engage in an experiential curriculum designed to cultivate personal comprehension of the backcountry in winter; in students’ home turf, via local avalanche bulletins, utilizing the Avalanche Triangle, employing a backcountry field notebook and through incorporation of field obs, online resources and digital applications.

In 2021-2022, all two day SAS Rec Level One courses are titled “accelerated” as they do not include Avalanche Rescue training, as the three day “Integrated” course does, but all Rec 1 curriculum is still covered. Students who have already completed a one day rescue training are eligible to enroll in our Two Day, Accelerated REC Level One.

Our courses exceed the requirements set by the American Avalanche Association for avalanche education. This course has a mix of online and in person learning.

Why choose us?

SAS is a laboratory of best practice. As the nation's longest running avalanche education provider, we take great pride in developing new ways forward; testing and employing approaches and strategies in our courses and operations, training future generations of snow pros and annually participating in national/international efforts to continuously refine the tools, technologies, tactics and techniques of avalanche education, snow safety and rescue. The School that introduced the US to avalanche training in the 20th century, continues to lead what avy ed looks like in the 21st century.