Pro 1 Prep Course
Pro 1 Prep Course

Pro 1 Prep Course

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Course description:

This is an ideal course for those enrolled in a Pro 1 course or those considering one in the future. This course aims to introduce the participant to Pro 1 technical standards in snow craft and create coached hands-on practice to cement these new skills into habits. 

Students will engage in learning through pre-course materials, and a 9 hour field session; 8:00am to 5:00pm. This course dives into the technical standards and demonstrated skills of the Pro 1 program, including; hazard and risk communication for daily operations, terrain selection and safe travel to snow observation sites and weather and snow observations on site as well as technically correct digital and analog documentation or observations.

Students will come away from this program having elevated their understanding of snow, weather & avalanche observations both in skills execution and in analysis. This course is of benefit to any avid backcountry traveler who has taken prior recreational avalanche education and  to all participants looking to enhance their comfort with technical observation skills prior to taking Pro 1 certification exams.

Course Locations: Silverton, CO and Estes Park, CO. 


Course Ratio: up to 1:5


**Custom small group and private offerings available upon request. If you are looking to spend the day 1:1 with a Pro Course Lead pricing starts at $500 for the program.

    Why choose us?

    SAS is a laboratory of best practice. As the nation's longest running avalanche education provider, we take great pride in developing new ways forward; testing and employing approaches and strategies in our courses and operations, training future generations of snow pros and annually participating in national/international efforts to continuously refine the tools, technologies, tactics and techniques of avalanche education, snow safety and rescue. The School that introduced the US to avalanche training in the 20th century, continues to lead what avy ed looks like in the 21st century.