Snowmobile Recreational Level 1 Avalanche Course
Snowmobile Recreational Level 1 Avalanche Course

Snowmobile Recreational Level 1 Avalanche Course

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Our "Recreational Level 1: Avalanche Fundamentals for Snowmobilers" avalanche course will teach you the key elements of making sound decisions while traveling in avalanche terrain. This intensive, hands-on training will cover trip planning and preparation, interpretation of the daily avalanche bulletin, observational techniques for snowpack, weather, and avalanches, terrain analysis, safe travel techniques, risk and hazard mitigation and decision-making fundamentals. Students will also learn the basic elements of companion rescue and examine common pitfalls and challenges encountered by humans in terrain of consequence.

This course is a nationally recognized Recreational Avalanche Level 1 Course by the American Avalanche Association. The course consists of an online learning module and two instructional field days. It is geared toward skiers, boarders, and other outdoor enthusiasts who want to build winter backcountry skills.

Why choose us?

SAS is a laboratory of best practice. As the nation's longest running avalanche education provider, we take great pride in developing new ways forward; testing and employing approaches and strategies in our courses and operations, training future generations of snow pros and annually participating in national/international efforts to continuously refine the tools, technologies, tactics and techniques of avalanche education, snow safety and rescue. The School that introduced the US to avalanche training in the 20th century, continues to lead what avy ed looks like in the 21st century.