You, Me, We: Relationships to Risk in the Backcountry

You, Me, We: Relationships to Risk in the Backcountry

Cross industry learning, the transfer of wisdom across sector boundaries, can revolutionize the way we think about things. And thinking about the way we think about things is what this year’s keynote speaker is all about. Join Dr. Laura Maguire at #4SAW 2022 as she pushes us to think about You, Me, We: Relationships to Risk in the Backcountry

Laura is a research engineer studying human performance in high risk/high consequence environments. Her interests include supporting safe adaptation in rapidly changing conditions; coordination under conditions of uncertainty, time pressure, and stress; and enhancing team performance in dynamic environments. She has a Masters degree in Human Factors & Systems Safety and a PhD in Cognitive Systems Engineering. She integrates theory and practice in her day-to-day life as a backcountry skier, paraglider, and climber. 

Laura was integral in developing the theme for this year’s conference and she wants to hear your thoughts! Send her a short (1-3 min) video or audio recording with your reflections on your relationship to risk. It could be: how that's changed over the years, how it was formed, what influences it, or whatever is on your mind!  Recordings may be used in her keynote address and everyone who participates will receive a discounted ticket to 4SAW. Contribute via the link below and be sure to clearly record and include your name and email to receive your discount code.

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