Code of Ethics for Avalanche Professionals

Code of Ethics for Avalanche Professionals

Did you know we follow the 

A3 Ethical Code of Conduct

Members of the American Avalanche Association acknowledge their responsibilities to the organization and their profession and subscribe to this code of ethics to guide them in their practices as avalanche professionals.

A Member shall:

1.      Hold above all the public trust and reputation of their profession, perform services only in the areas of their competence, and strive to enhance their qualifications through continuing education, professional and technical development.  

2.      Issue public statements only in an objective and truthful manner and endeavor to extend public knowledge to promote understanding of the achievements of avalanche science.  

3.      Act in professional matters for each client or employer as faithful agents or trustees and avoid conflict of interest.  

4.      Build their professional reputations on the merit of their services and not compete unfairly with others.  

5.      Conduct their practices in accordance with the code and bring to the attention of the Association unethical practices of any Member.  

For the recreational audience look out for our "code in the backcountry"

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