A3 Student Fees Explained

A3 Student Fees Explained

Students looking to participate in Silverton Avalanche School's pro programs are now subject to an increased fee in the 2022-2023 season. 

SAS is a recognized professional  program provider by the American Avalanche Association (A3)

Please see the information below, provided by A3, explaining this season's increase in student fees:


Starting this season, the American Avalanche Association (A3) is collecting administration fees from each student enrolling in Pro Training Courses (Pro I, Pro II, and Pro AvSAR). 

Why is A3 charging a fee for Pro Courses? 

For the past five years, A3 has covered all costs related to oversight of Professional Avalanche Training in the U.S. The development of Student Fees creates a more sustainable and dedicated funding structure and will provide A3 with the resources needed to provide more robust oversight and support to students, course providers, and the Pro Training Program as a whole. 

How much is the Student Fee? 

$100 per student per A3-Approved Pro Course. 

How was the Student Fee amount calculated? 

Administration of the Pro Training Program costs $50,000-$70,0000 annually. Student Fees will cover around 50% of total costs. A3 will continue to cover the remaining costs. 

Where does the funding collected from Student Fees go? 

Funding collected from Student Fees is restricted to the A3 Pro Training Program and is distributed to the following categories: 

Oversight and updates of Proficiencies and Guidelines for all Pro Courses 

Salary for full-time Pro Training staff NEW 2023 

Collaborative reviews of all current providers to ensure continued quality NEW 2023 Review of new provider applications NEW 2023 

Marketing of professional avalanche education to the general public 

Student feedback collection NEW 2023 

Annual Pro Trainer Workshops 

Explain the additional benefits to Students: 

A3 will offer all students who pay the fee a one-year complimentary membership. This includes access to publications, scholarships, grants, professional training opportunities, etc. A3 membership is strictly a benefit to students and funding from Student Fees does NOT go towards membership or membership costs. 

How do students or groups purchase the Student Fee? 

Visit www.americanavalancheassociation.org/store to pay your Student Fee or contact Jayne Nolan at Jayne@avalanche.org to request invoicing for multiple students.



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